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Wise Words from Li-Ka Shing  by Kay Chan

This is a must read if you want to learn how to buy a house and car in 5 years!  One of the richest man in the world, Li-Ka Shing teaches you how to do just that.  He pointed out the importance to set aside some money for investment so you can ha... Read More

How to be Financially Savvy?  by Kay Chan

1) Keep track of your ins and outs. Use a spending tracker tool to help you keep track of all your expenses and cash flows daily. Without knowing where your money goes to, it's hard to manage and know what your budget is. 2) Learn how to use float m... Read More

Mutual Fund Or ETF: Which Is Right For You?  by Kay Chan

Do you ever wonder which one you should invest in?  Mutual Funds or ETF?   Well, here is a good article to help you make better decision and give you insight to be more financial savvy. Read More

Mutual Funds vs. ETFs: Which is Better?  by Kay Chan

I came across this article which I would like to share with you all. What do you think... Read More

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